The company Thea terra started its activity in 2016, after two years of continuous study and research. Two young people, Elina Daioglou and Dimitris Katsimpas reached the borders of Grevena and Kalambaka, where they set up with utmost
care Thea terra, an organic production and sale unit of sideritis, in an attempt to fulfill their dreams.

They cultivate, pick and pack premium quality mountain tea, from their own crops in Northern Greece,without any additional technical processing.
A tea with a unique fragrance that promises the highest enjoyment, coupled with beneficial properties. All processes are carried out with absolute respect for the environment, and for the product itself.

Their vision is to broaden the horizons of Thea terra company and to develop
partnerships with international markets, since, as they say 'The mountain tea is a unique herb that everyone should appreciate and cherish like the Greeks do, for all the valuable components that it offers to our body, but also the peace of mind, relaxation and well-being one feels after tasting this unique Greek herb. "